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Cal in Home Hat Edit.jpg

Year-Round Staff

Cal Kern

Owner, GM

 Although Cal Kern is mostly known in Western New York for his history as a professional soccer goalie the sport he has always been most passionate about is baseball.  It has always been a dream of his to own a professional baseball team.  When the opportunity came to manage a summer collegiate baseball team, through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the New York Collegiate Baseball League, he believed it was an answer to prayer and a God-given opportunity.  His heart has always been to reach individuals and students for Christ through the avenue of sports ministry.  Cal began working for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for the second time in the fall of 2007 because of this passion.  Specifically during the late spring and summer months, he is able to use the Niagara Power Baseball Team to minister to the surrounding communities and the student athletes playing for the Power. 

Sherrie Edit.jpgSherrie Kern 
Cal and Sherrie will be married thirty-six years this coming November.  Sherrie has always been, among many other things, Cal's "administrative assistant" in marriage and "administrator" in ministry but now she can officially have the title, according to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, in regards to the Niagara Power Baseball Team.  Working out of their home office, Sherrie manages many of the details including host families, finances, ticket sales, program books and pocket schedules, concessions and much more. 


Leanne Website.jpgLeanne Stephenson

Website and Concessions Manager

Leanne is the daughter of Cal and Sherrie and this will be her sixth season working with the Niagara Power.  She has a passion to reach people for Christ but has a great understanding that, in a ministry, that cannot be done without certain people doing the behind-the-scenes work.  Leanne manages the Niagara Power website throughout the year and manages the concession stand at the games.  She assists Sherrie and Cal throughout the year, when possible, with bookwork for the Power.  Her and her husband, Chris (who runs the music effects during the Power games) are also the proud parents of Haylee Grace, 4 and Audrey Hope, 2.  They are currently in the long process of adopting their next child from Ethiopia.

Summer Volunteers/Staff
These are faithful supporters of the Niagara Power that commit to be at almost every home game possible this year
and many have faithfully served in the past.

                       Doug Smith                                 Public Address Announcer
                       Chris Smith                                 Sports Information Director
                       Tony Surace                               Athletic Trainer Coordinator
                       Chris Stephenson                       Sound Technician                            
                       Vincent Perricelli                        
TeamLine Announcer
                       Shirley Bundy                             Concessions Assistant Manager
                       Abby Scott                                  Administrative/Concessions Assistant                       
                       Don & Nancy Treichler               Gate Greeters
                       Bob Couch / Manny Trinidad      Ticket Booth Assistants
                       Ron & Nancy Wiese                   
Concession Assistants

Summer 2013 Interns
Landon Williams           Administrative Team Intern                                                                                Landon Williams copy.jpg
Landon is a native of Erie, Pennsylvania and will be graduating next year with a degree in Business Administration.  He is majoring in management and minoring in communications.  Landon has enjoyed playing baseball himself throughout his childhood up until high school.  In high school he was a 4-time PA District 10 champion and the NCCAA 1st Team Men's Doubles All-American in 2011.   He understands what it takes to be a great athlete and he is the co-leader of FCA ministries on his campus, Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois.  We are looking forward to the help Landon will bring to the team and staff all-around this summer with his skills and character leadership. 

Niagara University Game Day Interns:
Jason Antos
Nicole Bianchi
Matthew Brause
Corey Cieslinski
Jeff Frank
Jacob Newman
Mike Seaman

Thank you also to all of the very willing volunteers who may not be at every game but make each and every Niagara Power season possible!  We thank God for you and could not do it without you!