Various Types of Corporate Cultures including the Baseball Culture

Various Types of Corporate Cultures including the Baseball Culture

Corporate culture simply refers to collective beliefs, codes of behavior and attitudes prevailing among staff that is from top to the bottom of any organization. Basic orientation, goals and context of
the business, relationship among individuals generates this corporate culture.
Both technology and resources have made it that there is no one company that
has any service monopoly. This has made the cultures a very essential
competitive element in any business. Below are some of the corporate cultures

1. Baseball culture.

This culture considers
employees to be the most treasured possession in an organization. The true
assets of the company are the employees, and as such they have the major role
when it comes to the functioning of the company successfully. Employees stick
around the company for long when they are comfortable, happy and feel
respected. This also means that the work gets done. The big components of this
culture are incentives, company outings and social events in the office. A good
example of baseball culture is Google. At Google the employees do anything they
feel like during work hours.

2. Academy culture.

This all depends on the employees highly studios, skilled and are welcoming to further advancements and
training. Delegation of all the responsibilities and roles in employees are
done in accordance with the educational qualification, background and work
experience. The organizations are very particular when it comes to training of
the current employees. These training sessions are done so as to hone the employee’s
skills. To improve employee’s professionalism, management makes efforts so as
to upgrade their knowledge. Universities, other educational establishments and
hospitals are some examples of organization following this culture.