Solar Panels Installed On Baseball Stadium

We all know that for a better future for our kids we need to do something and solve the energy problems

Niagara Power has just installed a 5kv system on the stadium roof and is powering up about 50% of its electricity. What was the driving force behind this and what has led to such a great investment?

In the fast 2 to 3 years we were having some financial difficulty because our expenses sky-rocketed and our income remained flat. We tried got consultation about forms of financing but none of them were viable to the long term benefit of our baseball team. The problem with financing is that we do not wanted to get into a viscous cycle where we would have eventually sell some of our property which does not make any sense at all.


So what we did is team up with Renergy Limited Solar Panels company in Malta and sun power in america. Solar Power like our baseball team name niagara power sounded like a great idea, so we taught why don’t we go for it. And It turned up to be a win win and great benefit for all parties involved. We get to benefit from 50% reduction in energy for the next 10 years, Renergy and Sun Power both benefit from a fair return on investment by using our roof space for free and this will also benefit them as an exposure in the media.

More and more teams are following in our footsteps and here you can read an article about the solar panels in the parking lot of a stadium….another idea for future investing!!

I truly believe that the best way to do business and keep moving forward for the love of the game is by teaming up with other like minded companies and investors. We really hope that this serves as an example to all of our fans, players and the community. And on a side note, everyone should invest in renewable energy because its such a great investment and the ROI is bigger than leaving the funds at a bank. ROI can be as much as 7% in warm and sunny states.

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United we stand!!