Install Tips Of Marine Solar Panel In Boat

It often happens that when you go about traveling in your boat, then the battery of your boat always ditches you. If you are going out on a long voyage, then definitely carrying a single pack of the battery will not be of any help to you in the long voyage, you need to have a best marine solar panel if you do not want your journeys and plans of the day to be spoilt. The benefit of using a solar panel in your boat is that it keeps your boat charged for an extended period.  The solar panel, when installed in a boat, helps in keeping the battery charged all the daylong with the help of sun rays.

The marine batteries have the disadvantage that they discharge about 1% of battery per hour especially when the weather is hot as compared to when the weather is cold. So, it becomes very compulsory and important to maintain and keep the battery charged. Solar panels are measured in watts. The high point of solar charging occurs only at the time of noon. So, the average of charging is done by the solar panel only for about four to five hours at the time of day. But, still is beneficial as it offers more charging then the simple marine battery cells, and you can rely on it.

When you install or mountain the solar panel in your ship, it gives you the maximum benefit, especially it is mounted vertical to the rays of the sun, but because the movements of the boat and tides make it impossible for the solar panels to remain always horizontal to the sun rays. The parallel pattern is the best as it will help in keeping the sun rays to get directly into the solar panel and keeping the battery charged. Make sure that the arch does not put a shadow on the solar panel as it will lead to decrease in the charging of the solar panel.

To install a solar panel, the first step that you need to do is to have the power requirements in your boat so that you can add up to the energy for the equipment in your boats like refrigerator, lights, computers, and many more things.  The things that require a high amount of energy like the refrigerator works nicely when the sun goes down, and solar system works efficiently.

Secondly, getting the balance of the solar power is also very important as if you do not get the right balance, then the solar panel may not charge the battery properly and may end up not providing an excellent service.


So, these are some of the steps that you should follow to install a solar panel in your boat. It will help in keeping the batteries of your ship charged. So, this is some of the advantages and importance to install the solar panel in your boat.