Install Tips Of Marine Solar Panel In Boat

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It often happens that when you go about traveling in your boat, then the battery of your boat always ditches you. If you are going out on a long voyage, then definitely carrying a single pack of the battery will not be of any help to you in the long voyage, you need to have a best marine solar panel if you do not want your journeys and plans of the day to be spoilt. The benefit of using a solar panel in your boat is that it keeps your boat charged for an extended period.  The solar panel, when installed in a boat, helps in keeping the battery charged all the daylong with the help of sun rays.

The marine batteries have the disadvantage that they discharge about 1% of battery per hour especially when the weather is hot as compared to when the weather is cold. So, it becomes very compulsory and important to maintain and keep the battery charged. Solar panels are measured in watts. The high point of solar charging occurs only at the time of noon. So, the average of charging is done by the solar panel only for about four to five hours at the time of day. But, still is beneficial as it offers more charging then the simple marine battery cells, and you can rely on it.

When you install or mountain the solar panel in your ship, it gives you the maximum benefit, especially it is mounted vertical to the rays of the sun, but because the movements of the boat and tides make it impossible for the solar panels to remain always horizontal to the sun rays. The parallel pattern is the best as it will help in keeping the sun rays to get directly into the solar panel and keeping the battery charged. Make sure that the arch does not put a shadow on the solar panel as it will lead to decrease in the charging of the solar panel.

To install a solar panel, the first step that you need to do is to have the power requirements in your boat so that you can add up to the energy for the equipment in your boats like refrigerator, lights, computers, and many more things.  The things that require a high amount of energy like the refrigerator works nicely when the sun goes down, and solar system works efficiently.

Secondly, getting the balance of the solar power is also very important as if you do not get the right balance, then the solar panel may not charge the battery properly and may end up not providing an excellent service.


So, these are some of the steps that you should follow to install a solar panel in your boat. It will help in keeping the batteries of your ship charged. So, this is some of the advantages and importance to install the solar panel in your boat.

Buying Solar Panels For Your Home

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Going for renewable energy is one of the best ways that you can help you and your family save money on electric bills. If you’re thinking of getting solar panels installed on your home, don’t get scared by the upfront cost because in the long run they will surely help you save more money.

When looking for a company that sells solar panels in your area, be sure to take the time to do your research so you don’t end up wasting any of your time and money on cheap solar panels. You have to make sure that you get the highest quality products for your home so you won’t have to go through the stress and headaches of having to deal with repairs over and over again in the future. In other words, you want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Write down a list of probable companies like that you think are good, reliable, and offer high quality products then call each one of them. Ask for a quote from each one of them so that you’ll have an idea as to how much money you’re going to have to spend on this home improvement project.

Creative Funeral Ideas

Creative Funeral Ideas

Top 6 Creative Funeral Ideas

Are you looking for a way to memorialize your loved one at their funeral? There are many creative funeral ideas that will honor your loved one in a respectful, unique manner. We all want to give our loved ones a proper send off. Something that will provide them with an honorable remembrance, while giving those who remain comfort. Thinking about the person who has passed is the first start in choosing the right creative funeral idea that will represent who they were, and what they have meant to those lives they have touched. Provided here are several creative funeral ideas that will get you started when decided how to proceed.


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Here are the top six creative funeral ideas:

    1. Fulfilling the dream of spaceflight – Honoring your loved one by providing them with the ultimate dream – to travel to space. This dream can be honored by launching a symbolic portion of cremated remains into Earth’s orbit. A company called Celestis offers this unique creative funeral idea. They have satellites where your loved one’s remains will rest, or can be returned to you after a trip into space. This unique way of honoring a loved one is excellent for those who dreamt of space flight, were adventurous, loved the stars, or many other reasons.
    2. Instead of bringing flowers or food to the bereaved, ask for those who want to show their sympathies to provide a donation to a favorite charity of the departed, or a scholarship fund. Many people spend a lot of time and money purchasing flowers or food. Inform them that instead of this kindness, send that money to a charity favorite of the loved one who has passed. This honors them and their beliefs. If they were one to help in the past, they can continue helping in the future with this special funeral idea.
    3. Make the funeral look like it belongs to the departed loved one. In other words, did they have a collection? Figurines, stamps, baseball cards, arts and crafts creations, or any other unique part of them? Displaying these types of things that were close to the loved one who is departed will help make it a lighter atmosphere, and will really showcase who the person was. Did they collect comic book action figures? Display them everywhere to show this person’s passion for life.
    4. Choosing a unique funeral song. This does not have to be a sad, monotone song. You can choose any song that the departed loved or something that represents them completely.
    5. Releases – This can be doves, butterflies, balloons, or anything else that can represent a celebration of life. Accompany it with a poem or prayer. It is a great release for those departed and remaining.


Solar Panels Installed On Baseball Stadium

Solar Panels Installed On Baseball Stadium

We all know that for a better future for our kids we need to do something and solve the energy problems

Niagara Power has just installed a 5kv system on the stadium roof and is powering up about 50% of its electricity. What was the driving force behind this and what has led to such a great investment?

In the fast 2 to 3 years we were having some financial difficulty because our expenses sky-rocketed and our income remained flat. We tried got consultation about forms of financing but none of them were viable to the long term benefit of our baseball team. The problem with financing is that we do not wanted to get into a viscous cycle where we would have eventually sell some of our property which does not make any sense at all.


So what we did is team up with Renergy Limited Solar Panels company in Malta and sun power in america. Solar Power like our baseball team name niagara power sounded like a great idea, so we taught why don’t we go for it. And It turned up to be a win win and great benefit for all parties involved. We get to benefit from 50% reduction in energy for the next 10 years, Renergy and Sun Power both benefit from a fair return on investment by using our roof space for free and this will also benefit them as an exposure in the media.

More and more teams are following in our footsteps and here you can read an article about the solar panels in the parking lot of a stadium….another idea for future investing!!

I truly believe that the best way to do business and keep moving forward for the love of the game is by teaming up with other like minded companies and investors. We really hope that this serves as an example to all of our fans, players and the community. And on a side note, everyone should invest in renewable energy because its such a great investment and the ROI is bigger than leaving the funds at a bank. ROI can be as much as 7% in warm and sunny states.

If you would like to know more about the shipping industry, we have just written a whole article about it. We are sure you will enjoy all the useful information

United we stand!!